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 • Which college is best for you?

 • What career is best for you?

 • What is your current plan for a successful future?


College Preparedness and Planning can help guide you in the right direction!

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Plan for Success

A) Matching your best skills with the right career.

B) The most direct path to success.

C) Poor planning and failure negates the benefits of a college degree.

D) Improving your chances of a College Degree by as much as 75%.

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About Us

Dr. Carol A. Blackshire-Belay, with her Ph.D. from Princeton University, has more than 25 years of experience working with students and higher education institutions dedicated towards student success. This pool of experience informs everything we do at Onward®. Our assessment program enables students to make the right choices about which degree to pursue, which career to choose, which college or university to attend, all to ensure a successful college experience.

Here at Onward® we understand that most students are not truly prepared for college, and that's why we provide a helpful online assessment, including a behavioral evaluation, so we can tell you what school you should go to and what you should study once you're there. We want to promote our helpful program as an alternative to traditional college placement tests. Parents, students, colleges and universities deserve to know about this program. Our services are affordable and convenient, so take advantage of them today.

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Client Testimonial

"Onward® College Preparedness and Planning is just the program for parents and prospective students interested in discovering the best college for a student's talents, personality, skills and objectives. Dr. Blackshire-Belay is an international higher education expert and no one is more knowledgeable about colleges and universities. Onward® should be the first contact middle and high school students, and those wishing to return to college make when considering a decision. It is a phenomenal program."

- Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Professor and Chair, Department of Africology, Temple University


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