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College Career Counseling in Cherry Hill, NJ

Ensure you are on the path to success with our help in college preparedness in Cherry Hill, NJ. We offer a variety of college planning services for students at all levels. We provide career development solutions for middle and high school students, college students, and adults.

Plan for Success

A) Matching your best skills with the right career.

B) The most direct path to success.

C) Poor planning and failure negates the benefits of a college degree.

D) Improving your chances of a College Degree by as much as 75%.

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About Us

Dr. Carol A. Blackshire-Belay, with her Ph.D. from Princeton University, has more than 25 years of experience working with students and higher education institutions dedicated towards student success. This pool of experience informs everything we do at Onward®. Our assessment program enables students to make the right choices about which degree to pursue, which career to choose, which college or university to attend, all to ensure a successful college experience.

Here at Onward® we understand that most students are not truly prepared for college, and that's why we provide a helpful online assessment, including a behavioral evaluation, so we can tell you what school you should go to and what you should study once you're there. We want to promote our helpful program as an alternative to traditional college placement tests. Parents, students, colleges and universities deserve to know about this program. Our affordable college preparation services are also convenient, so take advantage of them today.

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Client Testimonials

"College Preparedness and Planning is a new and revolutionary behavioral assessment program using Extended DISC® geared toward middle and high school students, adult learners, college students, and basically anyone desiring to pursue the dream of a college or advanced degree. It is a phenomenal program, and it really works!"

- Dr. Molefi K. Asante, Professor and Department Chair, Temple University

"The Extended DISC® Assessments are thorough. In fact, they even show us some aspects of our behaviors we don’t want to see."

- Girl Scouts of America

"Any education on how people may or may not be cohesive, and how we have to learn to adapt to each other is powerful."

- Supplemental Health Care


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