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After completion of your studies and award of a college degree, Job success is our top priority at Onward®. We are very pleased and proud to share with you details about The College Preparedness & Planning Program by Onward®, an innovative, scientifically validated, behavioral assessment program to serve your future professional needs. At Onward®, our top priority is to ensure that you aren’t just working in a job, but you’re working in the RIGHT job that is the best career choice you ever dreamed possible.

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We at Onward® offer online objective, behavioral assessments that are customized to your (or your students’) unique needs and preferences. It is this personal journey that helps you gain a better understanding of “Who You Are," “Where You Want to Go in Your Career,” and “How You Can Arrive at Your Career Destination Filled with Excitement, Happiness, Delight, and Joy.”

Growing the Cause...

For every 25 groups of students, we will train one teacher, advisor, or counselor at no extra cost, so they can continue the consultation process. Above all else, we are dedicated to helping you find the right higher education niche.


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